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We give rise to the new breed of gutsy yet undiscovered health + wellness rockstars who are heart-broken because their embarrassing website, toxic inner critic and cookie-cutter offerings make them look amateur, repel potential clients and ruin their reputation.


They know deep down that they are DESTINED to impact millions with their SIGNATURE fusion of talent, passion and expertise.. but they feel overwhelmed by their website tech and paralyzed about what to do first!

We join forces with these soon-to-be stand-outs to clarify their calling, fascinate their fans and ROCK their revolution with a CUSTOM-BUILT website that commands credibility, captures PERFECT clients and calls in the cash so they can finally stop feeling like a fraud.


So first I’ve just gotta know… what’s the deal with your Superhero avatars?

SALT: Hahaha!  YEAH we get asked about that a LOT!  Its awesome.  PHLUX and I hold a deep belief that inside of every single person lives a one-of-a-kind-combination of super-powers just waiting to be unleashed into the world.

We’ve experienced first hand that the more your life is an expression of your unique superpowers, the more confident + remarkable you feel AND the more loved, inspired and transformed others become as a result of crossing paths with you.

 I can be and do SO MUCH MORE in the world as SALT than I ever felt permission to be and do as Shan Larter.  We all have those “who do you think you are” and “you’re not really that special” voices in our heads.  These voices tend to get loudest when we boldly stand for something meaningful in the world… but when we do it from the FULLEST of expression of our one-of-a-kind mix of superpowers, somehow we are impervious to nay-sayers, doubters and inner gremlins.

 You just become your Superhero avatar.  Period.  And it makes you “unmessable with”.  HAHA!  I know its not even a real world which is what it makes is SO GREAT!

PHLUX, what do you think?  Am I explaining this right?  What did I miss?

PHLUX: Yes, I mean it’s such a great question!  I got the nickname PHLUX in 1996, and it took me almost 12 years to FINALLY own it and LIVE it!!  Through the years I’ve actually used the name in seminars and online circles.  When I did, everything about my presence changed.  Who I became was SO much bigger than Heather.  It felt Ah-mazing!

But I never put ALL the pieces together about why this happens until I read Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab study about the real-world results of creating an idealized avatar.  They have data showing how it changes the way we think and act in real life. They have documented case studies confirming that it actually makes us more courageous, ambitious and committed to our goals.

“The more your life is an expression of your unique superpowers, the more confident + remarkable you feel!”

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WOW… OK So how did you figure out what YOUR superpowers are?

SALT: Wouldn’t you like to know!  Inside ROCK Your FAME™  we have an exclusive + FUN five-step process that connects you with your one of a kind combination of superpowers.

But it doesn’t stop there… like the psychologists pointed out in that Stanford study PHLUX just mentioned, the key point is that the powers don’t make you a superhero… its about what you choose to DO with them that really makes you a hero.  We support you with that.

PHLUX: Yeah take SALT’ superpowers for instance.  It’s like she’s a SUPERPOWERS magnet! She dives into your soul and pulls out the SUPERHERO YOU.  She sees that fully-self-expressed version of you that you’ve been DYING to be in the world and she helps you SCREAM it at the top of your lungs!

She is like your big-fat-permission-slip to be whacky, crazy, inspiring, loud, rebellious and unique.  And all the while you’re just dancing, smiling, and feeling awesome, you don’t even realize it’s happening and then WHAMMO… you’re SUPER!

Seriously, when she’s got your back, you’re ON FIRE!  Life just works out, and all those evil “I can’t do it” demons suddenly disappear. It seems like it should take a lot of hard + painful “inner” work to become such a Rockstar, right?  But her process is so stinkin’ easy and ridiculously fun, you just keep wanting more and more!

I partnered with her because she’s cutting edge, and way ahead of her time.  All the training out there is so “yesterday”.  SALT has created a path to fame that blows EVERYTHING else out of the water.

PLUS…She’s a lightening bolt to your writing acumen.  Her copywriting skills are off the hook and she gives your signature program + website communication plan her personal attention to help you get across what you’re all about in a never-seen-before way that has your fans drooling for more.

She’s really the genius behind this whole operation… it’s because of her powers that I am able to really use mine!  We’re like the Wonder Twins (I’m probably dating myself here) together our powers are multiplied!

SALT: Oh Oh Oh!  Pick me!  It’s MY turn!  HAHA. But seriously, I wanna talk about PHLUX’ superpowers ‘cause they are SO fascinating.  She has this seemingly dichotomous ability to reach way deeeeep down into your psyche AND get the birds-eye view of all that needs to happen… simultaneously.

On one hand she is genius at fully translating the essence of who you are; your vibe, your style, your motivations, your intentions… into an emotively designed visual medium [a custom-built website] so that other people can experience and understand you.

Her intuition is incredibly fine-tuned, almost like she can ‘wear you’ and ‘express you’ to the rest of the world.

And then equally fascinating to me is how she can zoom WAY up… above all the noise and the “to-do lists” and just SEE the path that your website needs-to-deliver to its visitors.

She gets this intuitive download of the interaction and experience that your fans want when visiting your site and then she architects the entire site to engineer exactly what they came for.

Her superpowers are not something you could ever just wake up one day and “know”… I mean it’s pretty overwhelming when she tries to explain all that she’s got “goin on up there” in her superhero brain… so I just trust her to handle her part! HAHAHA!

“We have an exclusive + FUN five-step process that connects you with your one of a kind combination of superpowers. But it doesn’t stop there…”


So you’re saying that everyone has superpowers… everyone… So I have them too then?

SALT: YES. We’re saying that everyone has them!! So if you don’t know what yours are yet its just a matter of getting help to discover them! Once you do, you’ll be able to look back over your life [with the benefit of hindsight] and see how they have been trying to come to the surface for YEARS but you just weren’t ready yet or didn’t have the coaching to access them.

ROCK Your FAME™ provides a guided discovery process to access your superpowers, a step-by-step strategy to build your entire website experience, signature program and marketing strategy around them, and it provides you private mentoring by like-minded heros to equip + support you!

We bring you into our inner-circle because it can feel a little lonely being a pioneer sometimes! People who haven’t accessed their own superpowers yet can sometimes feel intimidated to be around someone who has. It takes a gutsy, strong + big-purpose person to allow themselves to be inspired by someone elses heroism instead of feeling threatened, jealous or critical of others’ superpowers.

It is those kinds of gutsy, undiscovered superheros that see the beauty and inspiration in other heroes that ROCK Your FAME™ is built for.


Alright PHLUX… What does a website have to do with somebody’s superpowers?

PHLUX: Your website IS YOU online… its your 24-hour virtual clone… and for most health + wellness experts it is a success-killer.

In 7 seconds or less your visitors decide whether you are a genius or an idiot. It’s literally the make-it-or-break-it moment for your business. In those first few seconds they can tell whether you are the real deal or an amateur. How your website makes them feel, what it asks them to believe, who it’s speaking directly to, what it’s promising, the mental movie it conjures, the proof it provides… this is ALL a part of the user experience that has them either filling out your tell-me-more offer or clicking that big fat X in the corner… never to be heard from again.

“It made my nerdy soul happy to finally be recognized for the covert influence of my white hat magic.”


You were just talkin’ about “user experience”… What the heck is that?

PHLUX: Wow! Most people are too afraid to ask because they don’t want to look stupid! In fact, most people really have zero clue what UX is, so when they ask what I do, I just tell them I’m a Web Designer (ugh!).

I’m gonna go geeky here for a moment, so bare with me.

User Experience Design [UXD] has been around since the 1940’s, and dealt primarily with the interaction between human users and machines, in order to design systems that address the user’s experience. (yawn!)

Translation: When you go shopping on Amazon, or find music on Spotify, or take pictures on Instagram you enjoy it, right? That’s because a team of people geeked-out for a few months to figure out the PERFECT way to design that experience (i.e. what’s the first thing you see, where are the buttons, how are the pictures laid out, what would make the buying process easier). User experience designers are the mediators between what the users want and what the business needs.

So why haven’t you heard of it, until now? Because only big Fortune 500 companies have the cashola to shell out for a UXD team. That’s what gives companies like Disney, Sony, Apple, Amazon, Google, and countless others a massive edge over their competitors.

I’m laughing because just the other day I was on a conference call where Eben Pagan was remarking about this new thing in Silicon Valley called “Experience Design”. It made my nerdy soul happy to finally be recognized for the thought leadership that our industry provides.


Hey SALT… I heard you’re known as THE Eating Disorder FREEDOM Coach… What makes you qualified to help people launch their own wellness practices?

SALT: Well… I don’t only know how to go from ‘undiscovered’ to the leader of a REVOLUTION in a chosen healthy specialty… but I am actually DOING IT. I am in the trenches every day, using my superpowers to transform lives!

I used to be these up-and-comers… undiscovered, frustrated, confused… I was a program-junkie, always looking for THE THING that would get me that world stage I needed to really make a difference in the world. My niche, my signature program, my elevator pitch… I was taking all these cookie-cutter programs that had me stuffing my brain with the next latest-and-greatest strategy to ‘make it online’, but I was always left to take the info and figure it out on my own… yuck yuck yuck. No wonder I felt like a failure! I kept failing!

Then I finally put it all together. NOW I read “You changed my life!” emails from my clients daily, I receive fan mail screaming “I will do ANYthing to work with you!” all the time, and media requests asking “Will you please speak at our live event?” are a common invitation for me… these are all things that wellness pioneers need in order to create cash-flush practices that leverage fame so that they can live their dream + transform the world!

I am not teaching from an ivory tower somewhere, talking about the theory of it all… my own revolution is the RESULT of what I teach… and YOU can do it too! ANYONE who is gutsy, strong + willing to stand-for-something revolutionary can learn how to do this!

This kind of fame is what I like to call “humble heroism”… and you learn all about what that is and how to BE that inside of ROCK Your FAME™.

“I am not teaching from an ivory tower somewhere, talking about the theory of it all… my own revolution is the RESULT of what I teach.”


So PHLUX, you’ve consulted on projects for Fortune 500 companies [Disney, Sony + The Gap]. Why the career shift to work with up and coming leaders in the wellness industry?

PHLUX: Well, after my maternity leave was over, I realized that I wanted to earn an income while staying home to raise my daughter. Sure, I could consult on corporate projects, but my heart wasn’t in it.

After soul-searching, researching and listening to my higher-power, the path opened up to me. Our world is in a health crisis and the “Holistic Health & Wellness Industry” is sadly behind the times in technology compared to the ‘take this pill and shut up’ message pumped by the mainstream medical model.

I wanted to make holistic wellness look cool, cutting-edge AND credible so that it gains the momentum it needs in order to save lives faster. Bottom line is that there’s no way that these holistic experts are EVER going to be taken seriously for the incredible work that they do with the embarrassing websites that they have. This is my chance to gift my superpowers where they are desperately needed and be a role model to my daughter at the same time! Sure, it’s a risk…but I’m going for it!


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