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Are you ready

to make a name
for yourself?

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So what’s the hold up?

Something like…

  • Trying on niches feels worse than bathing suit shopping.
  • Don’t trust your own ideas and feel like a fraud so you copycat from well-known industry celebs.
  • Resigned to the status-quo for fear of gossip, ridicule, and “Who do you think you are?”
  • Your skinny wallet would NEVER turn down a client, so you stay “inside-the-box”.
  • Delusions of ‘not being qualified enough’ or ‘ready’ to take paying clients sentences you to life as an ‘eternal student’.

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OR maybe…

  • You apologetically send people to your cookie-cutter website, never to hear from them again.
  • Amateur skills in web design, copywriting, sales funnels and branding are trashing your street cred.
  • You’ve hit rock bottom prices, and still your perfect clients are saying “I don’t have the money” or “No thanks, not right now”.
  • Technoverwhelm sinks in as you publish your free gift, set up auto-responders, install WordPress plugins and fiddle with HTML.
  • Sick of well-known “experts” getting recognized for discovering the ‘next greatest thing’ that you put to use five years ago.
  • You deflect the question “What do you do?” because your hack-job answer is a buzz-kill.

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Stop the
Crazy Talk!

  • STOP wasting your weekends
    at useless networking events
  • STOP volunteering your genius
    + praying for kick-backs
  • STOP using smoke-and-mirror
    Facebook updates pretending
    to have your sh*t together

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Discover YOUR

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equipped with your…

  • One-of-a-kind ROCKSTAR LOGO
  • SUPERHERO Calling Card!!
  • FaceBook, YouTube + Twitter Superhero Skins
  • Home, About, Program, Contact + FAQ pages delivering
    instant street-cred
  • Your Unique FAME ID™
  • 67 “Insider Site-Secrets” that make your FAME…inevitable.

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Discover your
Nail Your Niche +
become an
to your FANS!

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Access our
Secret Knock System
A series of
webpages + techniques
that ELIMINATE the
need to “sell yourself!”

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Create a
following of
Radical FANS
who reject working with
anyone except …

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I see YOUR superpowers, disappear your demons + embolden your full self-expression.

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With a bird’s eye view, I channel & decipher your vision into an intuitively designed, integrated, emotive reality.

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We give rise to the new breed of gutsy yet UNDISCOVERED HEALTH + Wellness ROCKSTARS who are heart-broken because their embarrassing website, toxic inner critic and cookie-cutter offerings make them look amateur, repel potential clients and ruin their reputation.

They know deep down that they are DESTINED to impact millions with their SIGNATURE fusion of talent, passion and expertise.. but they feel overwhelmed by their website tech and paralyzed about what to do first!

We join forces with these soon-to-be stand-outs to clarify their calling, fascinate their fans and ROCK their revolution with a CUSTOM-BUILT website that commands credibility, captures PERFECT clients and calls in the cash so they can finally stop feeling like a fraud.

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