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What exactly does it MEAN when you ROCK Your FAME™?

There is a BIG WHY behind everything that we do… and to become one of our SUPERHERO ROCKSTARS you have GOT to get on board.



  • Live Out Loud.  Bold Expression.  Unapologetic Conviction.  You’re a Product of Your Message.  The Walking-Poster of What’s Possible.  A Life Lived in Full Integrity.


  • Superpowers on Hyperdrive.  Zero Copycat Zone.  Unique Vibe.  Self-made Style.  Authentic Confidence


  • The ONLY Choice in the Eyes of Your Perfect Client.  Adoration for Your Guts + Drive.  Visionary Thinker Known for Your Revolution.  People Praising You Behind Your Back.  Instantly Recognizable.  Time with You Valued as Priceless.

“There are 67 secret user-experience strategies I build into your website that address the most current + cutting-edge behavior patterns…”


What makes RYF Websites SO much better than everything else out there?

Let’s start with the bottom line…Your website shouldn’t just “look pretty”.  An effective, cutting-edge RYF website creates an EXPERIENCE that turns its visitors into fans and ultimately into paying clients.

The RYF method embeds every website with emotive imagery, intentional promises, market positioning, read-your-mind messaging, and subtle “do-this-now” nudges, that all hum together.

Look at it this way…Have you ever gone to a website and you just instantly know it’s going to be a pain to find anything?  It feels awkward and clumsy and within… mmmm… 2-3 seconds you’re gone.  You just KNOW, right?  Well sorta… you’ve actually learned to recognize patterns of “bad websites” through your years of internet surfing.

The internet is actually a series of behavioral patterns.  Programmers and designers have built ALL of these behavior patterns, and once built, they become part of a behavior library.  Most websites just reuse old patterns…it’s faster, easier, and cheaper.

There are 67 secret user-experience [UX] strategies I build into your website that address not only the most current + cutting-edge behavior patterns being studied today, but they ALSO address YOUR specific goals + unique business needs.

I hear the same thing time and time again in my strategy sessions, “I would never have thought about that.  It’s genius!” I’m not a genius… I’m just really really really good at what I do.

I have a keen eye and I understand how to bridge the gap between human motivation and computer interactions.  The geeky stuff you never notice…if it’s done right. Does your brain hurt thinking about it?  Just stop…that’s MY job!


How much does it cost?

Membership inside of the RYF is very select. Not because we are snobby, but because what we do is ONLY for specific types of wellness pioneers, experts and visionaries.  So it’s important to know if you are a match for what we do before we start talking tuition.


Do you have to be a superhero to do RYF?

Well actually YES!

But don’t worry if you don’t have your Superhero Identity yet… everyone has dormant hero qualities lying within them, just waiting for something or someone to wake em up and give them permission to shine boldly in the world! You just need some personalized coaching to access your superpowers… And that’s where our unique + guided process come in!


What kind of time commitment does the RYF program involve and when will I get my website?

Get ready to devote 3 to 6 hrs of focused creativity per week for 18 weeks.  YUP that’s it!  From “I don’t know my specialty” A-L-L the way to a claiming your fame as a cutting-edge Wellness Rockstar launching into the health field with your REVOLUTION in tow! Your done-for-you RYF website will “have your back”, giving you the confidence and credibility you need to finally feel deserving of the big money that will come as a result of your big impact.

“NOBODY will have a website or personal brand that looks + feels anything like yours, effectively eliminating the competition!”


Why is there a “private coaching” component to RYF?

In order to ACCESS all of the ‘customized genius’ that is unique-to-only-you, and then b-r-e-a-t-h your essence into every pixel of your very own custom-built RYF website, we rely on private coaching calls, and RYF videos and worksheets.  This one-on-one individual attention and “customized creativity” is a big part of the secret sauce that makes sure that you are the standout in your chosen specialty.  NOBODY will have a website or personal brand that looks + feels anything like yours, effectively eliminating the “competition”!


What if I’m not sure what my target market or health specialty should be? Can I still do RYF?


Our totally unique guided process for melding your one-of-a-kind superpowers together with your passions, talents, education, experiences, reputation, vibe and expertise will effortlessly reveal your meant-to-be health specialty!  Finally!


What if I’m a dude… Can I Rock MY Fame too?

We like dudes… LUV em even!  YES your fame is our goal too!


What if I’m already a practicing health + wellness coach? Can I just skip ahead of the 15 weeks of private calls, brainstorming, videos and worksheets and just get a RYF website?

YAY for you ‘already practicing health expert’!  We honour you!  And because we honour you we are gonna give it to you straight… if your website needs a make-over… then most likely so does your entire brand.   RYF is not about putting a fresh candy-coating on top of ‘stale insides’.  Trust us when we tell you that there is over $57K of marketing training and 10+ years of big brand website-design expertise embedded into the RYF program… which takes your personal brand, chosen specialty, free-gift, copywriting and signature program to an entirely NEW level of WOW so that it can sustain the instant fame conveyed by your website.

RYF will strategically support you to:

  • Raise your current pricing BIG time
  • Become THE STANDOUT in your chosen specialty
  • SUPERSIZE your confidence, credibility and share factor
  • REVOLUTIONIZE your program offerings
  • Generate MEGA-compelling copy
  • CATAPULTE your conversion rate from casual visitor to fanatical fan + paying client

AND YES… we fast track you!!  Please inquire about the RYF FAST TRACK here.

“If your website needs a make-over… then most likely so does your entire brand.”


How do I figure out if the ROCK Your FAME™ program is for me?

YAY! We “GET YOU” + We want to equip you to ROCK Your FAME™ if YOU:

  • Feel a responsibility to gift the world with your superpowers
  • Are a creative, visionary, cutting-edge thinker
  • Take actions that stretch your comfort zones regularly
  • Love to laugh, have fun & let your quirky originality shine
  • Driven to empower & inspire others
  • Joyfully seed money in your self growth and your health revolution
  • Seek expansion and chase possibility


We are NOT for you… NEVER… EVER… IF you belong to any of these:

  1. RULE FOLLOWERS: Rigidly rules-oriented. Value tradition over revolution.
  2. PEOPLE PLEASERS: Will violate their own internal code for the approval of others.
  3. FAKEY-FAKEYS: Obsessed with portraying an ‘artificially perfect persona’ in person and online.
  4. NAY-SAYERS: Respect roadblocks and dish-out excuses.
  5. SCAPE-GOATERS: Deflect responsibility for their own results.
  6. POVERTY THINKERS: See money as scarce and resist investing in “their next evolution”.


What if we’re a team of 2?

One site – one price ;]  You will of course have to meld your genius together into the worksheets and templates provided, and play-nice during your shared coaching calls, but since you are already a team we are guessing you can handle that!


It seems like you’re just starting out yourselves, how can you make such BOLD promises?

PHLUX:  In 2009 I won the People’s Choice Award for Most Innovative while working at Disney Interactive.  Spending 17 years in and around the digital industry, exploring film, music, animation & design.  I’ve RISEN to the challenge, accepting my purpose as a strategic partner for the innovative 5% of our world population.  Always fringe-dwelling and partnering with genius visionaries, everyone who knows me KNOWS I’m a risk-taker.  We need boots on the ground!  I’m a warrior not a ladder-climber.  I see my training and experience on project teams such as Disney, Gap, Sony, Geffen, Four Seasons has led me here… to be a strategic catalyst for REVOLUTIONS.  I’ve got a tattoo on my back to prove it!

SALT: I AM a practicing Wellness Rockstar.  Known as the ‘Eating Disorder FREEDOM Coach’ and the creator of “FREEDOM Has NO Rules™”, an underground, radically alternative eating disorder treatment method for brave, rebellious, truth-seeking adult women, I know WAY MORE than a-thing-or-two about how to shine as a health pioneer AND transform lives with my one-of-a-kind genius.  Along with my health coaching experience, I have also been privately mentored and personally educated by the BEST minds in marketing, program creation, copywriting and direct response. Thought leaders like Eben Pagan, Mark Hoverson, Samantha Hartley, Gideon Shalwick, Marie Forleo and Mike Klingler just to name a few… have all contributed to my arsenal of business knowledge that I bring the table to equip YOUR revolution for FAME. So yeah… you can say we are beyond confident… in fact we put money on it!


Do you offer a guarantee?

YES we DO!  We guarantee you won’t QUIT!

YUP!  That’s right. We are passionately committed to making sure that you gift your refreshing health revolution and unique superpowers to the world, with a custom-built, FAME generating website to back you up!  So we won’t let you give up, play small or shrink back easily.  You’ve been warned!  This is a PLAY BIG ZONE… no chickens allowed.

“What the world needs now are ORIGINAL-thinkers who venture beyond the traditional, LAUGH in the face of nay-sayers and SPARK REVOLUTIONS of health, life + purpose!”


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